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Certified mandarin chinese interpreting services


  • written translation (english <-> traditional/simplified chinese):

  • ​​Catherine has translated various types of documents from English to Simplified/Traditional Chinese

or vice versa, ranging from affidavits, declarations, sworn statements, judgements, agreements,

marriage certificate, birth certificate, brochures, manuals, website contents, etc. 




  • ​​​​Legal Interpretation:

  • Federal Government: 

  • Besides working for the U.S. Department of State (DOS) on a regular basis, Catherine also provides interpreting services for other agencies, such as Department of Justice (DOJ), Federal Courts, Securities Exchanges Commission (SEC) on countless cases involving  a variety of issues including intellectual property infringement. 

  • State/Local Government: 

  • As a California Court Certified Mandarin Interpreter and Translator, Catherine has interpreted numerous cases involving serious criminal offenses and complex ciivl lawsuits throughout the state of California.   Additionally, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Catherine was selected to be the Mandarin interpreter to remotely provide simultaneous interpreter for the Los Angeles County daily briefing. 

  • Private Sector:  

  • Catherine also actively works with a wide range of clientele, such as corporations, schools, tourism bureaus, law firms, professional agencies and individuals with varying levels of complexity in legal proceedings, business meetings, high-profile conferences, etc. 

  • lecture/training/business visit interpretation:

  • Besides teaching court interpretation program at UCLA extension, Catherine also interprets at many training sessions, including:

  • Fudan University MBA Program 2019, Berkeley, CA

  • Academy of Osseointegration​​ 2018 Annual Dental Conference

  •  Changjiang Business School MFA Program, UCLA Anderson School, CA

  • Mercedes Benz China MBA Program, Burbank, CA

  • National Bureau of Statistics of China, Los Angeles, CA

  • Shandong Bureau Quality and Technical Supervision, CSULA Hydrogen Research Center, CA

  •  Ministry of Civil Affairs of China, UCLA Research Library, Los Angeles, CA

  • ​​​​conference/event interpretation:

  • Catherine is highly skilled in simultaneous interpretation and has interpreted for many dignitaries

and celebrities including Former Vice President Joe Biden, Former Governor Mr. Jerry Brown, Mayor

of Los Angeles City Mr. Eric Garcetti, Former Los Angeles Mayor Mr. Antonio Villaraigosa, HRH Crown

Princess Maria-Chantal of Greece, Jay Leno, Fashion Designer Tom Ford, etc.  Catherine is retained by

the U.S. State Department as a seminar/simultaneous contract interpreter for U.S. and China

representatives relating to subjects such as aviation, agriculture, animal protection, labor, intellectual

property enforcement/protection, electoral integrity, and many others. 


Here are some of the recent events/conferences that she worked as a simultaneous interpreter:

  • Los Angeles County COVID-19 Daily Brief 2020

  • Qualcomm Connectivity, Networking and IoT Conference 2019, San Diego, CA

  • Google Marketing Live 2019, San Francisco, CA

  •  WeWork Global Summit 2019, Los Angeles, CA

  • China Week in Los Angeles 2016 & 2017 & 2018

  • US-China Film Summit 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, Los Angeles, CA​

Catherine Shu, a Judicial Council of California Certified Court Mandarin Chinese Interpreter/Translator, a Federal Approved Mandarin Chinese/English interpreter/translator and Asian Culture Protocol Etiquette consultant Providing Mandarin Chinese interpretation in the fields of legal, medical and business conference/event. Experience includes criminal, civil, family law, workers'compensation, unemployment, and immigration law. Working as a Mandarin Chinese certified interpreter at superior courts, immigration court, law firms, and doctor offices.